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Vasthu can be discribed better as "science of Architecture" having strong connection with Astrology Science. Vastu influence person/family with other Astrological factors etc. Vaastu Shastra mostly related to traditional hindu architecture, but purely based on science especially law of Nature is the basic equation of Vastu. So it's Clearly we can say vastu can be used irrespective of religion for anyone needs positive energy for thier structure.

Kerala traditional Vastu Shastra is the most famous and heard by everyone. The fact is that Vastu Shastra is common and applicaple to anywhere in the world. Foreign invasion is the reason why Vastu Science is vanished especially in North Indian states. The Main point is that while applying Vastu science to Australia/ England/ America as example, have to consider and understand the Sun, Poles and basic nature factors along with architecture pattern following in that region and only a Reputed Vastu Guru can analys the Situation and create positive impact of vastu sucessfully. Different geographic terrain surely affect vastu condition and have to consider before construction.

Delay of many projects is due to the delay in achieving Home / project Loans in beginning stage. Have a clear cut idea regarding funding before starting project is essential as stopping a work or Lagging work bring extra unnecessary rise in overall cost. Day by day arising material and labour cost is one of the main reason. While applying for Bank loans; Total Eligibility which means Repaying capacity is one of the main factor bank looking upon.Banks Mostly provide 80 to 90% of property Value which means rest 20% must be contributed by owner himself.Also note another point that if bank calculates higher eligible amount, it;s not at all necessary to borrow that amount for the project.